What We Offer...

AIRTECH offers the designing, Installation, Validation & commissioning of Operation Theatres exactly confirming to the specifications of NABH / ISO Standards with appropriate AHU ( Air Handling Units ) that provide Vertical laminar air flow system in downward direction with a velocity of  90 – 120FPM ( Feet per minute),Approx. 25 – 30 air changes per air out of which 4-5 fresh air changes depending on general OT speciality OT or super speciality OT, a positive pressure within the OT area of approx. 15 pascals, air supplied through terminal HEPA filters of 99.997 % down to 0.3 microns with filtration area of 4x4 feet, 6x4 feet or 8x6 feet depending on general OT, speciality OT or super specialty OT, temperature will be maintained between 18-25 Degree C and humidity between 40 – 60 % adjustable according to thermostatic tolerance . The total validation of system will be done as per ISO 14664.

AIRTECH can also provide OTs with UV light sterilization with or without electrostatic precipitator or cloud ion technology to enhance the sterility of the air supplied through the terminal HEPA filters.

AIRTECH will be able to help you in having the proper zonings in your OT or OT Complex . Zones are area of varying degrees of cleanliness in which the bacteriological count progressively diminishes from the outer to the inner zones (operating area) and is maintained by a differential decreasing positive pressure ventilation gradient from the inner zone to the outer zone viz.